SYNQ Media; Connecting content providers and distributors

  • The easiest way to import and provision access to video assets including metadata, images, and subtitles
  • Analytics on all assets in the SYNQ Media dashboard
  • No need for multiple custom integrations and file imports
SYNQ asset imports

Focus on the content, let SYNQ handle the tedious parts!

SYNQ assets processing

Are you a content provider or distributor?

Challenges in todays content transfer

Content Providers

Is it time consuming and expensive to manage and transfer video assets to your partners? Do you lack control on how, where and by who assets are being consumed?

Content Distributors

Are you spending more time and resources on file imports, metadata processing and transcoding rather than on delivering the best user experience and the highest quality content to your customers?

Content providers

Transferring video assets and associated information to your distributors is often a tedious and unstandardized process. Time is spent on communicating with the distributors, setting up file transfer solutions, discussing video formats, video qualities, metadata formats and so on.

The moment the files have been transferred, you have little to no information on how the assets are performing, if updates to metadata are imported by the distributor or if the terms of the licensing agreements are followed. These things often need to be followed up manually. If you for some reason need to remove access to an asset for some or all distributors, there is no automated way of doing this. SYNQ aims to solve these challenges by offering SYNQ Media – A fully automated asset distribution solution, letting you stay in control.

SYNQ control your assets and metadata

Control your assets and metadata

We import your entire library including videos, metadata and subtitles and structure them into a collection of neatly packed video objects. We handle new assets or updates you make on your end.

SYNQ quality assurance of metadata

Quality assure your metadata

SYNQ Media quality assures your metadata based on rules defined by you. Never distribute assets with missing or bad metadata again.

SYNQ provision access to assets in no time

Give access to your partners in minutes

Provision access to your entire library for your partners and customers with just a few clicks. Use our collections feature to only give access to parts of your library.

SYNQ analytics dashboard

Total control in the SYNQ Media Dashboard

Use the SYNQ Media dashboard to get an overview on assets that need attention because of missing or erroneous metadata, partners and what they can access and analytics on how your assets are being used. You can also revoke access to assets with just a few clicks.

SYNQ webhooks and notifications

Immediate notifications

Your partners are immediately notified by webhooks when there are new assets, updated assets or revoked assets. All webhooks are logged to provide full accountability.

SYNQ extend you market

Extend your market

Find customers for your content in new markets with SYNQs complete video infrastructure. We offer transcoding, DRM and content delivery. Let new customers access your entire library via the SYNQ Video API to find transcoded assets ready for delivery on any platform.

Content Distributors

Configuring and maintaining all the integrations needed to import assets from all your content providers is expensive and time consuming. A lot of time is spent on communicating with the content providers to get access to their method of file transfer, discussing formats, video qualities and so on.


The job is not done when the files are imported. There is a range of metadata formats that needs to be parsed, normalized and imported into your OVP. Today, resources are spent on activities that don’t separate you from the competition, like storage, transcoding and to some point content delivery, instead of focusing on delivering the best user experience to your audience with great front-ends. SYNQ provides a simpler, automated and affordable solution that lets you spend your time on value-adding activities.
SYNQ control your assets and metadata

Take control of your integrations

Let SYNQ Media act as a hub for all your content importers. We import videos, metadata and subtitles from all your content providers. These are then structured into a collection of neatly packed video objects.

SYNQ quality assurance of metadata

Quality assure your metadata

SYNQ Media can quality assure all metadata based on rules defined by you. Is the release date missing? Do the imported images have the necessary resolution? Is this asset a duplicate?

SYNQ provision access to assets in no time

Assets from every provider in one place

All imported assets are available in JSON via the SYNQ Video API. Access normalized metadata in your preferred format, high quality video assets, subtitles and images easily. The API is documented and easily tested.

SYNQ analytics dashboard

Total control in the SYNQ Media Dashboard

Gain knowledge about where, when and by whom video assets are being consumed with detailed analytics.

SYNQ webhooks and notifications

Webhook notifications

SYNQ Media will notify your endpoints immediately using webhooks when new or updated assets are available, metadata fails validation or other events occur.

SYNQ extend you market

Process and deliver

You can choose to let us take care of your entire video pipeline. We offer transcoding, DRM, origin management and Multi-CDN at competitive prices. Everything is made available via the SYNQ Video API.

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