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We provide a complete video infrastructure, so that you can get started with a few lines of code.
Use our API through a range of SDKs and configure webhooks and queries to create programmable video workflows.
We offer extensive documentation for many code languages to help you get started with our video API.

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Complete Video Infrastructure

Add video capabilities to your app, website or system in no time. Our video API provides access to everything you need to run a video service, including upload, storage, transcoding and multi-CDN delivery.

Video Notifications To Any System

Our unique programmable webhooks lets you create exactly the kind of video workflow you want. You can set up SYNQ to communicate with the apps, services and websites you need.

Videos Available Anywhere, Anytime

Our API provides an embeddable HTML5 video player that works everywhere. Together with automatic multi-CDN switching you can forget about loading times!

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