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We offer extensive and easy to use documentation with code examples and tutorials in a range of programming languages.


Multiple SDKs

We provide multiple libraries for mobile, web and servers. Use our client libraries for Python, Node.js, Android and others, or directly through HTTP POST requests.


Easy upload

Upload videos on mobile and web using our uploader or programmatically from your own backend or application. All your video content is securely stored with us.


Support all platforms

The SYNQ Video API automatically transcodes all your videos to support and ensure playback on all devices.


Add metadata

SYNQ lets you add arbitrary data to contextualize your video. For example data from sensors, image processing, transcribing or from other third party APIs and systems.


Advanced queries

Use queries and perform any JavaScript function to analyze your data. This allows you to perform fuzzy matching and other complex comparisons.


Programmable webhooks

Write your own code and set your endpoints directly in the SYNQ API with our unique programmable webhooks.


HTML5 video player

Our embeddable player works on all platforms and screen sizes. Customize our unbranded player and add your own CSS styling. Control where your video(s) can be embedded using Domain Whitelisting.


VR & 360° Video

The HTML5 video player supports spherical videos, enabling you to take full advantage of immersive VR and 360° videos.


Video thumbnails

Our thumbnail engine uses image recognition algorithms to automatically pick out the best preview images for your videos.


Multi-CDN switching

We automatically switch between several Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to increase performance and improve user experience.


Affordable price plans

We offer three affordable price plans that should suit your needs. All features are included in every plan. Start your 14-day free trial today.


WordPress plugin

The SYNQ Video plugin lets you upload and embed videos on your WordPress site without consuming space on your WordPress host server.

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