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Playback with SYNQ’s video player

Here we show you different ways of embedding the videos you have on SYNQ for playback.

In our player docs page, we go into full details of how and the advantages of embedding your videos using our player. You can find that information here.

Playback with Native HTML5

If would like to embed your videos using native HTML5, all you need to do is use the provided outputs that SYNQ provides after a video has been transcoded. Using the details API (v1/video/details), you can retrieve all the output video files for a given video object. The example below shows the output of the details API and the HTML5 video code needed to embed a SYNQ video.

Using the provided outputs information provided by the SYNQ details API from the above, a sample HTML5 embed looks like this:

Playback with a 3rd party player or Custom Player

SYNQ provides all the output files after transcoding. Specifically we provide 3 mp4 files in these dimensions: 360p, 720p and 1080p. We provide one webm file at 720p. Lastly, we provide a m3u8 playlist for providing HLS. For retrieving this information simply use the details API (/v1/video/details).

Playback in a mobile application (Android or iOS)

Our mobile SDKs on GitHub provide ways for one to easily playback one’s videos. For our Android SDK go here . For iOS go here and for Swift go here.

API reference

API Reference

Get in-depth information about SYNQs API and SDKs. Authentication functions, parameters, response formats, and error codes - find it all here.

Open API reference
SYNQ on GitHub

SDKs on GitHub

Easily use SYNQs API in the programming language of your choice. Download and install helpers for Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, Python and more.

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