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About SYNQ

Our API gives developers the required flexibility to implement advanced video capabilities, including custom metadata, fully programmable webhooks and queries. SYNQ will adjust and innovate to meet the needs of the developer community and at the same time prepare them for AR, VR and the power of machine learning.


SYNQ was founded in 2014 by Stian Hauge and Kasper-Niclas Andersen. As a startup company in need of an easy-to-implement, flexible video service, they experienced that these were lacking in the market. The market gap was obvious and the team took on the challenge to create a developer friendly video solution. The result is a developer-centric video API that will serve all needs so that developers don’t have to build video delivery from scratch.

Logos and resources

Our official logo comes in three colorways; light, dark and colored. Choose the one that works best on your background. You can include the SYNQ logo in your website, mobile application or printed material.

SYNQ logos

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Usage: The logo should always appear clear and legible. Surrounding white space should be at least equal to the height og the logo mark. Do not alter the logos provided here in anyway. In written form, SYNQ is always expressed with all capital letters: SYNQ.


Press coverage


“SYNQ has taken a different, and novel approach that starts with the API so that third party apps can include video capabilities on their own terms directly within an app.”

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“SYNQ launches a video API so you don’t have to build video delivery from scratch”

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“SYNQ launches video API to free developers from building their own CMS”

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