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Here we will show you how to create, modify and query custom user data, using SYNQ’s Create (/v1/video/create), Update (/v1/video/update) and Query (/v1/video/query) APIs.

Adding Userdata

To start, let’s say your videos represent cars, so in your custom user data you want to keep track of a car’s make, year and models that each video will represent. To do this we will need to define a JSON array for each video. We will call our array, “cars”. We will show how to do this two ways either using the Create API or after a video object has been created using the Update API.



Modifying Userdata

Now that we have shown how to add custom userdata, let’s say you want to make modifications. In the examples below we show you how to change the year and also add another model to cars userdata.



Query Userdata

Now that we have shown how to add and modify userdata. Let’s say we want to a query on our userdata. In the query example below we will find all the videos where for our cars user data, the year is equal to 2017 and one of the models contains the value “c”. To help us we will be using the Query API and a helper javascript utility called lodash, which the Query API recognizes.


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API Reference

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