Video Plugin for WordPress

SYNQ Video for WordPress

Upload and embed videos in your WordPress posts or pages without consuming any space on your WordPress host server. The SYNQ Video plugin is based on the same video infrastructure that we offer through our API, which takes care of video transcoding, storage and delivery with multi-CDN.

Each uploaded video has a shortcode, making it easy to embed in your posts or pages.


How to install SYNQ Video For WordPress

To install SYNQ Video from your WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Go to your Plugins page and click “Add New”
  2. Search for SYNQ Video, find the right plugin and click the “Install” button
  3. Activate the plugin from your Plugins page

Once you have installed the plugin, a new Add Video button will appear in your post/page editor:

SYNQ Video Plugin for WordPress

Once you have added a video, a shortcode will appear in your post or page, and the video will be embedded.

You can also customize the video player and add your own colors and logo:

SYNQ Video for WordPress with custom video player

The SYNQ Video plugin for WordPress is available here.